Lina:Deer ~ what it is

I am Lina. This is my story from December 2008 to present.

“I’ll ride that horse when I find it” speaks to not knowing what the future holds, but trying to be ready to jump up and get moving when the opportunity or hurdle presents itself.

One Response to “Lina:Deer ~ what it is”

  1. Julie McKinney Says:

    Hi Lina!

    I’m not sure how this thing works, but I hope you get this. I like your visualization work, and I know what you mean about seeing your peeps! I just read an article about some research that validates scientifically what we all know to be true: that in times of stress, women respond by needing to tend and gather with loved ones. (Instead of “fight and flight”, we have a “tend and befriend” response! Cute, huh?)

    So we got together a couple months ago, some old Agassiz moms, and sent our thoughts to you. We’ll do it again soon, and add some stong visualizations of the “cleano” snake getting those nasty toads.

    How’s my future daughter-in-law? Riley tells me not to even mention the word “preschool” because it makes him miss it so much. And I miss seeing the two of them together. I feel bad that we never got to do the sleepover w/ Poppy. If ever you are in town, we’d love to see any of you, and/or take Poppy (and Heikke if it would help) for a while. Plus we’d love to come up and cook you dinner if that would still be a good thing. (I’m sure you have lots of people wanting to schedule time!)

    Anyway, hang in there. Lots of love and strength coming your way from Cambridge!


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