So long, long song

AS you may or have may not noticed. I have.

I have not been writing really this go round of chemotherapy and treatment.

My venue has turned more to being and photographing and trying to beg our family off on other families for sinner and fun and a delightful change of scene. The sights and sounds and laughter of begin with other people seems paramount of my existence.

That and yoga, dag nabit I love getting settled into the studio and lifting my head from the pre-class music and book work to a bounty of beautiful smiles. fantastic, really!

so here are a couple phots that some of you whom dont part take in Facebook can have a gander at. oxoxox my lovlies, my     angels, my pixies and sprites. i adore you.

IMG_1863 IMG_2364 IMG_1555 IMG_2091 IMG_2215 Photo on 11-21-13 at 1.08 PM #3 Photo on 12-6-13 at 9.30 AM #2 Photo on 10-26-13 at 3.17 PM #2 IMG_2050



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