87 hours

A quick short narcotic influenced note to let every one know that 87 hours after begining my second liver resection surgery I am feeling great and walking the halls of MGH’s Bigelow building. My pain is subsiding, my scar is even more awesome than before and my belly button indeed does lilt to the right a bit. No problem!

More to come. Thanks you, everyone, for your out pourings!

3 Responses to “87 hours”

  1. Jesse Says:

    This is wonderful news! It’s so much better to think of you walking around and with pain subsiding after the successful surgery!

    You are in our thoughts all the time. It is snowy here in London, and the world is made magical and beautiful. We send you love and support in your recovery!

    Jesse (and Helen)

  2. valerie Says:

    oh lina,

    what marvelous news — as always i am so moved by your wisdom, grace and honesty. your words touch all of us and embrace everyone who reads them with love and life. in this time of giving and renewal, you offer a gift that allows us to treasure and find ever deeper meaning in the moments we have together. in this time of darkness and uncertainty you are a light to each of us. thank you for your generosity and spirit. in the meantime, i hope you are curled up by a warm fire with your loved ones close by enjoying a snowy vermont afternoon.

    much love,


  3. Ann Kennard Zalinger Says:


    we are thinking about you everyday and sending comfort, peace and music your way.


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