goodness, that finish line does glow

This is a super short one. I am in the infusion room at the Norris Cotton Cancer center. The nurses are a buzz because I am on my final chemo with good looking reports. Happy ladies, happy Lina.  Arthur spent the better part of the day with me here and we had a good time, all things considered.

Was it rude to tell the nurses that I hope I never see them again, unless we are at the grocery store, craft fair, nudie show?! I think not.  Okay folks, I won’t be in celebration mode until 2 things happen.

1. I get unhooked and feel good

2. we go through the CAT scan and everything is confirmed as clear!

So get ready, soon soon.

I will write more on the weekend after I am unhooked and have broken that ribbon on the finish line! Here I go wooohoooo!

5 Responses to “goodness, that finish line does glow”

  1. Sharon Fantl Says:

    oh man. i am so excited for you. lina!!!!!! we love you.

  2. connie feydy Says:

    I’m so excited!!!!!!!! You should be saying to yourself “Goodness, this godess does glow” xo, Connie

  3. Erica leigh Says:

    cant stop thinking about you this weekend… so proud of you and cant wait for your list of things to do before celebrating to be knocked off the list one by one… love to you my thoughts and great vibes are with you.
    ps I always tell my patients not to come back. im sure the nurses get it… love ya

  4. Cynthia T. Says:

    So glad you are in the final stretch. Sending love and envisioning the very best outcome.
    love, Cynthia

  5. Shajen Says:

    YEAH LINA….To the finish line. LOVE LOVE LOVE AND BRIGHT CLEAN LIGHT TO YOU MY DEAR! Thinking of you all the time.
    Love Shajen

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