Get Me Outta here!

-3Okay folks, so trying to heal in hospital is a joke and last night was a cruel one at that. The food is… well indescribably bad, though the cafeteria food is better  (because the people there are the “healthy” ones) Seriously, how the doctors can be worried that your not eating the meals is beyond me, especially since I hae’t seen oneof them look at my trya dn say “yummers, that’s what I am having today”. And then there is the regular  business of waking your tired ass up every few hours to check your vitals (which they are also doing to your roommate at different intervals), but whew, last night was something special and I am SO ready to get the  “H – E double hockey sticks” outta dodge. I received a new roommie last night she arrived fresh from the OR. Truly, they should start piling those who are on their way out in with each other, because the plain of existence between innies and outties is quite far. I slept two hours last night. And those to were’nt even in my bed, they were on a plastic love seat in the visitor lounge. Nice huh? It was, very. Cramped and sweaty, just what I needed.BAH.

Anyway the Docs did their early morning rounds. I was crabby enough not even to say hi but rather “put the discharge orders in, or I will leave my cell phone number and you can call me at the Liberty Hotel when you are ready.” The nurses say when people start getting grouchy they are ready to go. Well I am grouchy.

On a note of non grouchyness… (deeeeeeep yoga breaths proceeding)….

Thank you all for being my cheerleaders; my wave to crowd surf through this leg of the quadrathalon!

I will go to the ‘rents house for a couple days before going home, but look forward to seeing and writing more with you in the near days.  oxoxox Lina

I dislike this quote

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved” -Helen Keller

8 Responses to “Get Me Outta here!”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Totally sympathisize… hospitals are not a place to sleep. I hear you about the food. Isant that where the healing should start??? and when people dont eat we give them ensure… gross…. happy to hear you are headed out and love ya so much… you rock… your a rock star …. rock on outa there…. nameste

  2. Sarah Says:

    I’m sending all your ideas for a “bearable” hospital visit to Jess…maybe he can pass them on to the right person:-) 1. Have everyone get their stats at the same time —they can call it the “mini-stat shift”…there should be no more than two visits a night (perhaps more in the “innie” rooms since they need a little more looking after). 2. House the (as you so beautifully put it) the “innies and outies” in like categories. 3. Provide the same food in the caf. to the patients…it’s being made in the same building; surely this is possible. They should pay you a consultant fee:-)!
    So glad you are heading home. I am sure you will sleep like a baby tonight. Safe travels and we will be seeing you soon. Much Love, me.xxxxx

  3. Kathleen De Simone Says:

    Lord what a joy it is to hear you be grumpy…wait till you scar starts to itch!!! yeah!!! it is a sure sign of healing, and being annoyed at really bad food…instead of not wanting to eat…hosanna!!! oh my darling Lina I would send a caravan of bedecked elephants to carry you home while fanny you with palm leaves…lets see what will be the first real food…crepes with freshly made mango compote and vanilla yogurt…?or a perfect American flatbread pizza….? your wise friends above are so right… hospitals have improved some…but on these basics still a bunch of ninnies!!!! what is the first thing you want to do when your able to be up and about, other than that 6 hour bubble bath?…god I am so happy so dancing in the streets giddy with at this good news…big smooches to Adrian and all the rest esp. the surgical staff!!!

  4. Heather K Says:

    LIna, I wish Matt and I could come visit you right this minute. I would sneak you in some delicious healthy homemade food….it maddens me so much that hospital food is the pits. It makes absolutely no sense. Well, before long you will be dining like a queen again, you just have to get through the next couple of days it sounds like! For further “amusement”, check out this website that is a collection of “healing” meals served up at hospitals across the world:
    On another note, we’re SO glad you are doing fabulous in terms of recovery – you are one strong woman Lina! Here’s to an excellent summer ahead….

  5. Sue-Sue Says:

    dear Lina,

    I can’t even imagine how hard it is to convalesce next to someone who can not sleep and being invaded by those who will not let you sleep–since sleep is the great healer. Your body neeeeddds that! How about asking Adrian to start digging– maybe you can tunnel outta there. They undoubtedly would not notice until long after you were spirited away… Can you be snuck in some real food? With some flavor.. I will gladly go to the restaurant of your choice and get some take-out. Let me know–send an SOS.

    Love and hugs.

  6. Debby Kelley Says:

    Dear Lina,
    I am so glad to hear you being grouchy! and what a scar! it looks like they did it with a staple gun. i hope you were asleep for that part. have you graduated from jello? jello gets old very quickly, indeed. i hope Anne and Arthur spoil you to pieces. enjoy the ocean.
    great sneakers, btw
    love, debby

  7. Sarah Says:

    Lina, love the Keller quote. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to post it on my page to share…I think EVERYONE should meditate on those words. Wise indeed.xxxx Hope you are home safe and sound:-)xxxx

  8. Jesse in London Says:

    It’s so terrific to hear from you, and it’s great to hear how things are for you. I completely hear where you are coming from Lina. It sounds like a really hard hospital experience to endure. You’re trying to heal enough to get out but meanwhile they offer you bad tasting food, interupt your sleep, and provide you with difficult roommates to share with. I hope that very soon you have much better sleep, food, and company. I hope the grouchiness IS the last stage before they let you out. Helen and I will put extra effort into sending our healing energies to you.


    ps- This isn’t connected with your hospital stay at all, but I thought I’d share with you some very surprising news. I managed to save our apartment from a deluge of 90 gallons of water when I noticed a small steady drip start from our interior living room door frame. In two hours, I’d collected half a litre, and plumbers soon arrived. An 80 year old water tank sits in the attic, and it developed a rust area near the base. A tiny hole had finally broken through, but the rust area was about as fragile as it could be without breaking open. At any point, it might have burst open and dropped most of the 100 gallons into our apartment! Fortunately, they were able to drain the tank in a about two hours, and tomorrow they’ll be replacing it. The funniest thing about it is, the water tank doesn’t even supply our water, it provides cold water to our downstairs neigbours’ bathroom. The moral of the story? Check out large tanks of water over your living space in case they are about to leak all over. If it had happened while we were visiting the states? I don’t even want to think about what that would have been like.

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