Look, She’s So Cute!

-Linas So Cute in the HospitalJust a note to say that Lina is coming along just fine.  She’s been taking longer and longer walks and the number of tubes coming out of her are on the decrease.  She should be close to tube free by Tuesday!  Her room # is Ellison 702B for now.  Hopefully Lina will move upstairs to Phillips House after the long weekend, if she does I’ll let you all know the details of her new digs.

Enjoy the photo of our lovely little patient.  What you cant see are the dixie cups of water with bendy straws, organic fruit candy suckers, hippie jello (no corn syrup), earplugs, hanging bags of various liquids, her bright yellow and green puma sneakers she wears to take her walks, trashy magazines and thoughtful novels, and of course, vases of beautiful flowers.  Cheers to you all.

Love, -Adrian

5 Responses to “Look, She’s So Cute!”

  1. Vassie Says:

    Dear Lina & Adrian,
    Everyone here at your new home in Woodstock is thinking of you and sending you healing love. We are filled with joy of the vanishing tumor and of your surfing the hallways of the hospital. We are waiting your coming home very soon.

    Love to both of you all the supporting family,


  2. Brooke Says:

    Yay!!! thank you so much… we love you so much
    and Yippee!!! and Yahooey!!!! too!!

  3. julia kanno Says:

    Lina, my god all that you have endured. Last time I saw you was in porter square eating japanese food with your beautiful family and we swore we would try to get together. Oddly I spent the summer in school and now I work at youville hospital in cambridge as a nursing assistant on the respiratory/cardiac unit. I have had alot of patients with liver transplants and colon cancer. Your blog is incredible and inspiring. Heath issues with the liver are no ballgame in the park, I have seen all the tubes, the bags the colostomy bags every friggin kind of bag and cannot imagine what it feels like to have so many foreign things in your body. I would love to come visit you, I have been so mass general many times because one of my patients got transferred there, We usually get a lot of MGH patients sent to Youville for rehab work. Are you mobile? able to walk? How are the children taking all of this. I am so glad that you have such a support system which is so important. I have so many patients that have the same or simular situation as yourself who are alone day in and out with no visitors or anything. You are strong, I always knew you were strong in high school. I hope the hubby is getting great support too. Please email me or call me and let me know when I can visit you. 617 229 8076. I am so proud of you and will look up your blog daily. If you need someone to just come and sit with you and hold your hand, even if your sleeping, just a presence there I’m your girl and will be there.Please let me know what I can do for you and your family. Ps: when did this all start?
    peace love and I am sending white light your way

  4. Tracey Says:

    when I was just putting Lola to sleep, she said “LinaLorna sweet” & she’s right.
    Was so amazing to see you today – you are one strong woman. I’m so proud of you xxxxxx

  5. Jesse in London Says:

    It’s so nice to hear that you are recovering from the surgery, and managing bigger and bigger walks. Speaking of walks, you really dusted me on the Vermont hills last month – I was struggling to keep up while talking, but you made it look effortless. I expect you’ll probably be dusting me on the hills again next time I see you, so I’m going to hit the gym a little beforehand!

    It’s so great to see your face! You look much better than I would expect after just a few days. It’s great that you’ll probably get to move into a better room soon! We are thinking of you all the time and sending our love and healing energies to you.


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