So Far, So Great…

Hello all you white lighters out there, I thought I would send a note even though I havn’t seen Lina yet but we have spoken with her surgeon.  Everything went great and as planned with the exception of the fact that one of the tumors has seemingly completely disappeared!  They looked high and low with the best equipment and found… nothing, in that spot at least.  Which is of course great because it points to the fact that Lina is responding to chemo very well. Yay!

She’s going to be kept under close watch for about three days and then she can spend the rest of her stay in the penthouse with the view.  More later from me , Lorna or who knows may be the great Lady herself,   Thanks for all the wonderful posts, Lina absolutely LOVES them.

Love -Adrian

23 Responses to “So Far, So Great…”

  1. Tracey Says:


  2. Heather Says:

    YAY…SUPER DUPER YAY! I have been sitting here sketching out my layout for our garden, thinking about Lina, while next to the computer…every so often refreshing this blog to see if trusty Adrian would post for everyone…THANK YOU so much for the update, you. Still sending lots of love and we will looking forward to more good news. A huge Happy Cheery Birthday to you Lina, may your liver grow back with many happy new cells :o) xoxoxo

  3. Ann in Woodstock Says:

    I am so happy. This has made my day. So Happy

  4. Lizzie Says:

    Yay! yay! yay! So glad. Thank you for the update. We are sending big hugs and kisses to all of you.

  5. Sue-Sue Says:

    YESSS!!!!!!!!! This is wonderful, happy, happy news. Just for that, I’ll have to visit you all in the penthouse this weekend! Thanks for the news.


  6. Leigh Says:


  7. Levi Says:

    Whew! Thank you so much for taking the time to update this. Great, happy news! Hooray hooray! I’ve been holding my breath all day, and it’s nice to have a chance to take a breath.

    Love to you all!

  8. Jesse in London Says:

    This is such welcome news!! I’ll keep the white light beaming to you Lina and so will Helen! I’m so glad that the surgery went well! I also send lots of love to you Adrian!


  9. Brooke Says:

    Woop Woop!!!! with loads of fist pumping, jumping up and down and humungous smiles from us o’er here!!!

  10. Sharon Fantl Says:

    so happy to hear it. thank you for posting us on the good news.
    much love!

  11. ellen Says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! So happy! Please keep us updated!!!

  12. Grace Says:

    Happy Birthday Lina!!! You really know how to celebrate! What a gift you gave us all today! You were so surrounded by love today, and you were so strong! Yayyyyy! Thank you Adrian for the update…you are the bees knees! Love from us all up here in the country, hugs and kisses, and Happy RE-Birthday! Hurray!!! Grace

  13. Kristene Cristobal Says:

    This is fucking awesome news : ) !!! Lina, you inspire me to be a better person – more accepting, more celebrating, more creative, more loving. I wish you so much comfort and healing in the next few days. xoxo Kristene

  14. Dorine Says:

    Alhamdoullillah !!!

  15. Cynthia T. Says:

    I am so very happy to read this. And what good news about that tumor disappearing act. All of it so encouraging.
    Big love to you all, Cynthia

  16. Genevra Says:

    thats so great, i’m glad to hear it. thanks for keeping us updated
    much love to you all

  17. Siri Says:

    What great news!
    Mathias, Emilio, Francisco and I send our love to all of you.

  18. allie Says:

    This is great great news! Maybe a Happy Birthday after all! All our love, we’re thinking of you all. With relief and love,
    Allie Adam Javin

  19. Kathleen De Simone Says:

    bless you for letting us know…I have about 600 hundred people sending love, light, prayer, good thoughts, energy, hope…I got Buddhists, and nuns in monasteries in Vermont, and nuns in schools in Florida, I got friends who believe in the sun the moon and stars, and those who send Beta waves and gamma waves, I’ve been chanting and praying and dancing around my apartment and the love I have felt from every possible direction has moved me to joyful tears…darling Lina and her care givers were held up in waves of pure laser quality light and love extraordinaire..and it will stay there surrounding till all her beautiful health and joy is complete and whole again… and then we have our Princess dress up tea party date !!!at my house with her delightful daughter…and she promised she’d make the shortbread cookies and I am holding her to it!!!! kisses to you darling Mr. A…been surrounding you too!!! yippie!!!

  20. Sarah Says:

    So damn relieved….
    Hugs, hugs, hugs to you all!

  21. kate Says:

    thanks for letting us know the amazingly wonderful BRILLIANT news….. keep it coming!
    love you guys xoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoo

  22. Amy Says:

    oceans of love to you all!!!

  23. suzi Says:

    i just saw adrian yesterday and heard the wonderful news. i’m soo happy for you all. just keep rocking the world lina. can’t wait to have you back home in woodstock. love and light your way.

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