Returned to Vermont

Okay, okay, we’ve been a bit errant on our updates. No worries friends, all is well. Adrian, Lina and I arrived in VT on Monday January 5th with no problems, I mean the centrifugal forces of cornering were not the most comfy for dear deer Lina, but she did fit in a little snooze. I chowed down on the killer food basket my aunts Louise and Linda gave us in the hospital. Anne, Arthur, and Bill were indeed happy to fold us back in their loving arms and Lina is one step closer to going home home. The babies (Poppy and Heikke) came over and inspected “boo boos” and kissed their mom, played a little “I spy”, and all resisted as best they could leaping upon their mum, and their mum resisted grabbing up her babes and wrestling them. Lina and I attempted a sleepover that night but she snuck off to sleep in a reclining chair which mimicked the hospital bed and made her belly feel happy. Me, her supposedly vigilant caretaker sister spent the night wondering why I couldn’t hear her breathing. Lina scared the crap out of Arthur who was making coffee in the dark and was not expecting to see a figure in the chair. On Tuesday night Lina progressed from protein shakes to “Mush”, a delicious African squash stew that has traveled from our step-mother Leslie through the hands of Bill and into our watering mouths. Indeed Lina’s belly enjoyed it and we are all happy to see her starting to put in solids, even though Lina may be a bit worried about how it will feel coming out the “B side” (to quote Adrian and Erik). So, life progresses and we will soon know when the chemotherapy protocol will begin. Until then it is all healing of her body, and dreaming and planning for the new Tans house. – Lorna

P.S Many people have been asking for Lina’s address: PO Box 246, Woodstock, VT 05091

6 Responses to “Returned to Vermont”

  1. hannah Says:

    oh good, a vermont update… enthusiastically received. reunited with the babes, images of snuggling sisters and mush 🙂 heal, heal, healing.. love to you, h

  2. Brooke Says:

    So Happy to hear of babes, I spy, and mostly our dear friend home in the warm embrace of her cozy family! Hurray!!!!! We are just hunkering down and getting on with the things the new year is bringing and taking time each day to appreciate it all!! (sending out warmest vibes to you as usual) xoxob.

  3. Shajen Says:

    Yeah home and eating mush…yummm, and even more yummy hugging and kisses the babes! Welcome home Lina Dear! So happy to hear that you are in a safe warm and nurturing environment surrounded by amazing family who love you!

    Cells energizing, clearing, cleaning, light, powerful emersion of strength and serenity……mmmmmmm…..ahhhhhh….surrounded by love.
    Power Blasts to you all!

  4. Kristene Cristobal Says:

    I’m so relieved and inspired to read about how well things are going, the love cocoon around you and your strength and optimism. I miss you incredibly and send you and your family love and warm Cali vibes. Remember when I called your belly the 8th wonder of the world? It still is and it’s healing.

    Love love love

  5. Sarah Says:

    Thank you so much Lorna for the update. Good to hear that she has some solids going into her belly. We will all continue to send her love through the cosmic freeway. Much love to everyone in VT.
    Sarah, Jess and Con

  6. Sue-Sue Says:

    i read all of the above comments–and i feel exactly the same way. mush is good, both the food and the luvie kind. not everyone knows what a good kisser that little heikke is (oops! the secret is out..). now lina, for relaxing (more mush), healing steadily and putting your imaginative skills into directing the redesign of the new house. have fun with that.

    i will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. love hugs kisses other stuff


    homage to ee cummings

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