Good Goody Goodest

Well it looks as though tomorrow (Monday) Lina will be clicking her ruby slippers together since she got the okay from the Wizards of Mass General.  Everyone is very impressed at her recovery and her “sprints” down the corridor for exercise, think booties burning floors.  We were sad to see Annie and Arthur and Bill leave for Vermont today, but they’re off to prepare her room in Sharon where Lina can be free from worry and care while she recovers a bit more.  Georgia will bus it up in a few days to join her Mum in a mutual snuggle of awesomeness.  Georgia has been a wonder and a comfort for all of us this weekend.  That is one great kid.  

Lots of visitors, Lina’s Aunts and Uncle from California and Cousin Jesse all the way from england, Another Jesse and Sarah all the way from Charlestown, My brother Erik stopped in on his way to “Pennsitucky”, as he fondly calls it, to enjoy the sunset from the 22nd floor with us today and sprinkle some smiles about.  So many nice things they left too, its like rooming with the Queen of Sheba. Yesterday evening I came into the room after being away for a bit only to find Lina, her electric adjustable bed lifted as high off the floor as it would go (and thats pretty high), sitting cross legged surrounded with pillows and blankets and every chair in the room had been arranged into a semi circle about her, each filled with contented smiling visitors.  Standing there I suddenly felt as though I had forgotten the myrrh.  

I just want to say thank you for the visits and thank you for the comments left here on the blog,  they make Lina extra happy.  We’ll let you know how our journey to the North goes tomorrow where Lina will have to give up her fashion forward  patterned jonnies and ecru booties for something more like…home.

Love to you all,


15 Responses to “Good Goody Goodest”

  1. dana Says:

    thanks Adrian
    for this newest update it is great to get the visual image as you paint it with words.
    The positive energy the uplifting is an inspiration to us all Lina.
    you are showing us all how to live.
    go home and bask in the tranquility and peace.

  2. Megan Says:

    Not surprised to hear that Lina was holding court in her hospital room – she’s got a lot of loyal subjects. Of course she’s turning the hospital corridor into a dirt track raceway! Lina is made of power.

    Have a swift and safe and peaceful trip to Vermont. Still sending the very best and biggest energy your way. xxx

  3. hannah Says:

    good news, good news, i say!
    so glad those ruby slippers are working dear (deer) friend? dorothy would be proud. continue the happy, sassy healing!

    big, big hugs,
    hannah, thomas and chubbycherub hugo xoxo

    p.s. adrian – good blog prose waxing! glad to hear the perk in your step 🙂

  4. Jenn Sargent Says:

    darling adrian
    what a rock you have been for your soul mate. much love to you on this journey. i so look forward to a walk on the beach in LC with you all and I am in absolute awe of Lina. Squeeze the kiddies extra tight and create your sanctuary.
    sending good thoughts and love your way.
    love jenn and billy

  5. Shajen Says:

    YEAH YEAH YES!!! Sharon VT and all its immense healing energy awaits your arrival to then envelope you with love, light, healing energy, and friends and family!

    Adrian thanks so much for the updates!!!

    Lots of love and LIGHT to you both and your beautiful children!!!!

  6. amy brooks Says:


    It’s so strange to think of all of the “resolutions” I have made for the coming year…but the only thing I really yearn to do right now is grab my quilt from 1971 that I played on and then Ayden played and rolled on—command it to fly and soar your way. But in a way, I’m almost certain it now did just that- as I was reading the updates from you and Adrian.

    I felt the the bounty of love and care that is surrounding you and I think the wind that blew me away was your strength, grace and spirit. It is wildly awesome. You are the warrior! I see your high bed–and you did make it your beautiful, strong, supportive horse as you use this love around you as your shield. Keep on keeping on dear friend–cancer has met it’s match!
    (and by he way, you are a rocking writer.)

    Your family sounds so amazing and loving and strong and it seems as though you bounce that right on back through this journey.

    I’m here in prayers and sprit and online scrabble.

    much love to you and your inspired tribe,

  7. Sharon Fantl Says:

    Hello my friends:

    I love tuning in every day for my daily dose of sweet sweet, encouraging and inspiring news of Lina’s kick ass spirit and determination to heal and of all of you- family and friends- looking after her and each other, coming together in love. It truly is beautiful.

    Bring it on home to Vermont people. Yes, Sharon is a gift for you guys. Please please please do not hesitate to ask us for anything- we are your neighbors. Don’t want to step on any toes if you (Lina) or you (everyone) need some space, peace, time. But we’re ready at the drop of a call to do anyting, and would love to see you guys soon soon soon and the calendar is wide and free…

    Many kisses and snuggles,
    Sharon and Ron

  8. Sue-Sue Says:

    This news is amazing! Lina, you must be Wonder Woman (of course I knew that anyway..; this is just MORE evidence.) Being back in Vermont will augment these powers. I see you taking some quiet walks in the near-by wood now covered in a blanket of snow, with Georgia’s arm around you and Adrian’s hand in yours, drinking in the wonderful air and the sparkling blue skies of winter and feeling the warmth of all who love you so much. For my part, I am attempting a mind meld… so I hope you can feel the hugs…

    Love and hugs

  9. Ann in Woodstock Says:

    I am so glad to hear that Lina is Northbound. I have been blown away by the strength and humor that this blog has shared. Looked for Grama and Grandpa this morning at first grade but Poppy’s not there. I assume she is sticking close to see Mama!

  10. Jean Says:

    Godspeed to Vermont!
    Love and healing prayers are in your tailwind. (no pun intended…or is there…?)
    jean and leo

  11. Pam & Harry Says:

    Sherry and I were so disappointed to get to your room and find out you had
    left 5 minutes earlier….I think Lina’s bed was still warm. But I knew if we
    hustled down to the lobby we would find you…and indeed we did! Harry was
    surprised you were discharged so soon and he didn’t get a chance to visit…
    but I know you’ll be in town again….Lina, if you want the name of a wonderful shaman…she’s in Arlington, let me know.
    Lots of love and light to Lina Deer and her family from Pam Falcon.

  12. alexandra lee Says:

    Safe settling in Vermont, so glad to hear how well and smoothly things are going. Javin will be sending lots of strong “Ki-YAH!” power from kung-fu today, and Adam and I, well, we’re just loving you all a lot! Thanks as always for the updates Adrian. Umm, Pennsitucky??
    Allie, Adam, and Javin

  13. Larry Says:

    Wow! I stopped by Mass General today to say hello and you had already left. Yes, I spaced out and should have read your Blog first. Good news indeed. Sounds like you are in good hands in Sharon. I know Anne and Artie will take good care of you. Good to hear that Bill came East to be with you. I send you my best for a quick recovery.

  14. Sander Tans Says:

    We love to read this happy mail. lost the thumor not the humor,that’s the best way to recover. lots of support and love we send across the atlantic. Now we can’t be there but we’re happy to see you have a lot of friends who can visit and have a laugh.
    lot’s of love Sander,Barber, Wende, Annemijn
    The Netherlands

  15. Joshua Horwitz Says:

    Dear Lina,

    This is a really great blog. It’s really nice to see how the internet can help support us and our loved ones stay connected. I don’t have any enthusiasm to share that you don’t already have. I look forward to seeing you in Little Compton this summer… can meet my fiance (new change in my life!!!)


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