1st OP post OP day 2

It’s Saturday January 3rd after Lina’s surgery and the short quick is she is doing awesome. The surgery went much quicker than we expected, about a whole hour less. There is a rumor she may have been operated on by the Muppets. Apparently there was a surgeon named Fasi (Fozzie), a Dr. Stein, and the nurse obligingly agreed to being Miss Piggy. The removal of the tumor was clean, no extra yuckies discovered. One ovary looked disagreeable so they just took it out – she doesn’t really need it anyway. Boy, was she funny and wry after she woke up. My personal favorite quote was “All this surgery and still no boobs.” She is so vibrant. The care she is receiving from the hospital, from the entourage of family and Sara Beck, Soul Sister, that follows her glow and fills her with love, is so wonderful. Lina, Adrian and I had a sweet sleep-over in the hospital room, well it’s more like a suite with a gorgeous view of Boston. Special thank you to Arthur on that one. She’s up, she’s walking (slowly), but the big thing she needs to do to be released is to have “bowel activity”, as our cousin Jesse just said “It ain’t over ’til the skinny lady farts.” I figure for the next few days we need to give her our toots to encourage movement, blasts of “hip hip hooray” for healing and left cheek squeaks just for the hell of it. By the way, Lina has been loving everyone’s messages and emails. I can’t remember if Lina mentioned all her emails are printed into a personally chosen font and the inserted into a journal she carries, shares, and refills her well. I am so amazed at how well Lina has surrounded herself with people who each fill their own niche for what she needs. I am not surprised to see how her generousness is being beamed back at her by everyone, and I mean you, whoever is reading this right now.


8 Responses to “1st OP post OP day 2”

  1. Brooke Says:

    Hiya… you know what!? We were just out walkin’ aboot and heard a a long low rumbling….got home read your message and have decided … it must be that all of Edinburgh’s Trumpeting in encouragement… good thing there’s a stiff breeze blowin’….
    xoxopeace, B.

  2. Michael and Sarah Says:

    Beaming beaming beaming. We concentrated the energy of the fresh fallen snow during our woods walking today… I’ll talk to Trinket about the poop energy – she is the family champ.

  3. Elena Says:

    Beaming my best, brightest, shining energy to you -may it join up with all the energy from all those that love you and hold you close, and not to mention, the brilliant blazing kind of your very own to get you all shiny new good again.

    Much love and cheer from me,


  4. Sarah Says:

    Wanted to come today but Jess said Adrian said tomorrow would be better. J. is working an overnight shift tonight; as soon as he wakes up from his post-shift nap we will be over. I will hope and pray that Lina will grace us with a fart while we are visiting. This will probably be the only time I type those words to anyone…ever:-)
    Love you all very much! Sarah

  5. diva locks Says:

    i had no idea why mya rose was singing a song today about farting-she must have some connection to the fart gods that i am unaware of so i will stop telling her to choose better language and let her keep singing to the gods for you. i am so glad to read that you are surrounded by so much support and love. i log onto my computer like a mad person to see how you are doing. i am glad you are reading these comments and hope you feel all the love the eastern end of long island is sending you.
    please keep posting-i am a lina junkie!

  6. Shajen Says:

    Sooooo glad to hear that you are awaiting the Farts! Giggle Giggle. I am thinking of you always and sending ABUNDANT WHITE LIGHT and POSITIVE ENERGY to you LINA DEER! All the best to your entourage of LOVE as well! You are amazing and courageous – and you wonderful woman have the POWER!
    When I was not doing so well myself I had a mantra and it goes something like this: I am an Oasis of Health, Happiness, Positive Energy, Love, Joy, and family! You too harness this and so much more!


  7. Hilary Says:

    Hello deers and thanks for all the good news!
    Thinking so much of you from here!
    Sending big love to big hearts,

  8. Molly Goggin Says:

    Dear Adrian and Lina:

    Leigh was kind enough to let me know about the blog so I could send you both a quick note and let you know that you have been in my thoughts all week. It’s wonderful to know you have so many amazing people in your lives looking after you and supporting you through this. Your circle of friends reaches far and wide and I hope you can feel all our love and support — even from the outer edges — lots of love and encouragement from an old friend….Fondly, Molly

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