A Happy Note From Adrian

Hi Everyone,

Sorry not to dish up the same alphabet soup of poetry and reflective thought that you can expect from a post by Lina, but I thought you all might like to know that Lina’s surgery went perfectly.  As of the time of this posting  she is recovering and should be arriving at her cozy penthouse room fairly shortly.  Thank you for all the white laser beams of love, They hit their mark!!  More details later…

Love, Adrian

15 Responses to “A Happy Note From Adrian”

  1. Hillary Says:

    Yay! Knew it would go well…yes, glad you all received the beams 🙂


  2. Tracey Says:

    oh I’m so thrilled.
    Thanks for letting us know so quickly. This blog is great.
    Love to you all xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Michael and Sarah Says:

    Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!!!!

  4. Leigh Says:

    yeh yah!!! so frigin glad…

  5. Brooke B. Says:

    Now THAT is truly great news!! Thank you…
    as for the light, We’ll just keep it comin’!
    B. & G.

  6. kate Says:

    sending masses more love!!! yeah! so glad this new year brings good news today. Yeah yeah! the universe heard us… xxo

  7. hannah Says:

    yay fucking yay.
    i can’t put it more succinctly.
    thank goodness.
    and thanks adrian for posting! you have both been
    in my thoughts and hannah prayers 🙂

  8. Sarah Says:

    Phew! Yay! Will continue to sending healing, happy vibes to you all.
    Now, I can TRULY say “Happy New Year”:-)
    Please give your amazing wife a hug from the Rideout/Collins/Benton household.
    XXXX S.

  9. Jenn Sargent Says:

    SO very excited to hear the good news. My love goes out to you all.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Love Jenn

  10. Sharon Fantl Says:


    Many kisses to all, but especially to Lina.


  11. Kristin Albee Says:

    Team Lina,

    The sun was shining all day for you in Burlington.

    If anyone has a mailing address for me to send healing goodies to, I would much appreciate it.

    Big hugs (and Jake made some exceptional farting activity for you),

  12. Allie Says:

    Darlings, so glad to hear, read of all this. Yes, an address would be awesome for connecting to you all. Thanks for keeping us all so well informed and giving us a place to quietly check in on the healing progress!
    love from allie adam and javin

  13. Pam & Harry Says:

    We were planning to get in there today, but H had so much paperwork…
    Sooo….Sherry and I are coming in tomorrow around noonish…and H will
    be there in all his doctorful splendor, white coat and all, when he’s done
    with his patients. I always get a chuckle out of seeing him in his work garb. We are so happy that things went well. We love you guys.
    P& H

  14. Ann H from Agassiz Says:

    Hi Lina,

    Sending lots and lots and lots and lots of HUGS and LOVE. An Deep PEACE.

    Ann xxxxx

  15. raina starr Says:

    oh man. i know that you don’t know me but i live w/ hillary washburn. i have heard tons about you, good things. i know about the STEROIDS…yikes! i want you to know about where i come from and i think that i want to share and if you’re feelin’ STEROIDS out, i get it.

    i am on my second surgery for my glioblastoma, pretty major, and i am getting my surgery this sunday earlier. STEROIDS again and they make me feel nuts….anyway i would love to be intouch, just do what you’re doing and if you ever feel like chatting…you can call. 802.734.1550 xxoo

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